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  1. What do I need to bring?

a.       You will housed in the dorms on campus. You will need to bring your own sheets, pillows, and towels plus all toiletry items you will require.

b.      Plenty of workout clothes, socks and comfortable volleyball shoes.

c.       A great positive attitude!


  1. What not to bring.

a.       Lots of cash only enough for snacks, pizza or items at the volleyball store (we do not accept checks or credit or debit cards)

b.      Expensive items (stereos, jewelry, etc.)   we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

c.      Cell phones to the gym or cafeteria!

d.      Alcohol, drugs (unless prescription and checked out with trainer) or tobacco


  1. Can I attend team camp as an individual? Yes as there will be a team of individuals that can play as a team to compete in match play. The camp director will let you know if there is enough interest to make a team.


  1. Will there be sessions on weight training and conditioning? Yes, we will use 4 indoor courts, 2 outdoor courts, the weight room and classroom for sessions not only on individual and team skills but weight training and conditioning. We will even have some other sessions on recruiting and other topics of interest. There will be a coaching session as well for coaches in attendance (if interested).


  1. Are all meals served in the cafeteria? Yes, for position camp meals start with lunch on the first day and go through breakfast the last day. For team camp meals will start with dinner on the first day through lunch the last day.


  1. Can we come in early the day before position camp? Arrangements must be made with the camp director (Ginger Hamric).


  1. What time is the camp over and where do I need to be picked up? For position camp the camp is over at noon on Tuesday and you may be picked up in the gym lobby. For team camp it depends on when your team loses out in the tournament the last day. It will not be before lunch and not after 6:00 PM. You may be picked up at the gym lobby.


  1. Can my parents come and watch me play? Yes parents are encouraged to attend the evening sessions and the last day of tournament play. Most evening sessions start around 6:30 PM and the tournament starts at 8:30 AM the last day.


  1. Can JV teams attend team camp? Yes there is a separate division for JV teams, as well as tournament the last day. Trophies will be awarded to the championship JV and Varsity teams.