I agree to conduct myself in a manner that will be a credit to me, my community, my team and family. I will:

  • Attend all sessions, understand and obey any and all rules issued by the camp director and the college
  • Demonstrate cooperation and respect to camp/conference staff and participants and college employees, students and visitors.
  • Show respect for the rights, privacy and property of others
  • Not possess or use any alcohol, tobacco, or drugs during the camp (unless prescribed by a physician)
  • Comply with a schedule of all camp/conference functions, including events, meals, quiet hours and curfews.
  • Take responsibility for my personal property, including room key, meal/access card and agree to lock my room when leaving it.
  • Pay for any lost room key, dining card or damage to college property
  • Understand that all facilities and residence halls not used by my camp/conference are strictly off limits and that I am not allowed to leave campus without permission and supervision.
  • Take responsibility for my safety by traveling in pairs and/or groups on and off campus.
  • Support my team members and take responsibility for my team actions.